Our Process

Emertech is the wireless-telephony expert.

Once we have completed our initial analysis, we will inform you if we can optimize your wireless services, and propose suitable recommendations.

Our team of specialists has been working in the field for more than 25 years—i.e., since cellular communications first made their appearance. Thanks to this talent pool, we can offer our clientèle a broad spectrum of services, from techno-watch through in-depth analyses to the day-to-day management of all wireless-communication components, while paying special attention to the new products and services offered by our Canadian and U.S. cellphone operator partners.

Because of its experience and unique approach on the Canadian market, Emertech today manages more than 10,000 wireless units (cell phones, smartphones, data cards, satellites, pagers) daily.

As the party responsible for your billing and mobile telephone billing services, Emertech will closely scrutinize and analyze all relevant details to optimize your services month after month.


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