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Preliminary Billing Analysis (complementary)

  • Summary review of billing for wireless communication tools
  • Identification of potential areas for savings

Detailed Billing Analysis


  • Cellphones
  • Smartphones
  • Pagers
  • Satellite telephones

Detailed Billing Review

  • Rates charged checked against contractual agreements
  • Analysis of user profiles
  • Comparison of existing packages
  • Examination of data-transmission options in the light of usage
  • Recommendations



Wireless-Telecommunications Management

  • Total or partial outsourcing of all wireless devices
  • Day-to-day management of services and relations with providers
  • Equipment management
  • Monthly billing audits
  • Recommendations for adjustments
  • Technical support for the bidding process



Rules of Governance

  • Development of internal policies and procedures
  • Establishment of rules for service use
  • Implementation of new rules

Technical Specifications

  • Establishment of user profiles
  • Drafting of technical specifications

Negotiations with Service Providers

  • Negotiations to improve service offers
  • Follow-up on adjustments, corrective action and credits
  • Negotiation of renewals and new agreements
  • Bid coordination
  • Operational Review of Existing Management
  • Review and analysis of the existing management process; recommendations
  • Support during improved-process implementation
  • Employee training

Equipment Comparison

  • Comparison of technologies and financial effects on the company
  • Equipment-acquisition costs
  • Service costs
  • Analysis of the impact on productivity

Simulation of New Proposal

  • Determination of monthly and annual impact
  • Measurement of actual savings
  • Coordination of Transition to New Providers
  • Overall coordination of activities
  • Detailed examination of bills to ensure compliance with any new agreement


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